How Works. offers purpose-built AI agents to take over several tasks from your customer teams, allowing them to focus on what matters most: empathy, customer relationships, new challenges, and providing expertise when needed.

Learn from Your Products and Tech Stack

Connect with and learn from all your products, your tech stack (products your teams use), and any 3rd-party product with an API using Cast native and universal connectors.


Transform, Cleanup, & Enhance your Data

Transform, clean, and enhance incomplete, missing, and bad data on the fly using a combination of rules-based and AI generative technologies.


Generate Prompts, Presentations, Portals, Campaigns, Forms, & more

The AI agent creates personalized presentations and websites for every user at every account for every segment.

It also generates prompts, AI summaries, playbooks, individualized campaigns, emails, texts, and generative forms.


Publish In-app and Deliver over email or Text

The AI agent publishes presentations on your customer portal for active users of your product.

It also delivers presentations to inactive users, primary executives, and out-of-reach decision-makers who rarely log in.


Present, Engage, & Influence every persona

The AI agent presents insights directly to your customers, tying insights to actions that drive usage, adoption, revenue growth, expertise, and referrals.


Answer ad-hoc questions

Your customers can interrupt an AI agent, ask questions, and get detailed account- and user-level answers.

The AI agent learns from all your products, 3rd-party products, and any product with a RESTful API.


Scale Ops and Revenue, not teams

Instead of customer-facing teams handling every customer interaction, AI agents interact with your customers directly, taking over 80% of the tasks.

Teams are brought in for empathy, new challenges, expertise, and customer relationships.