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Video is the best medium to explain complex concepts, second to human one-on-one conversations.

Generate hyper-personalized video from data. Explain complex concepts individually to each user. Drive engagement, usage, and high-value actions frictionlessly directly within the video.

Cast is priced based on the number of use cases, number of Casts, frequency, connectors, and live updates.


starts at $300/mo
  • Up to 200 casts per month.
  • US, UK, Australian English languages for UI, subtitles, transcripts, & speech.
  • Self-service Designer support.
  • Data sources: Google Sheets and Airtable.
  • Email and Slack delivery.
  • Limited personalization.
  • Email and Chatbot support.
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Cast Plus

starts at $500/mo
  • Up to 10,000 Casts per month.
  • English, European, and Asian Language support for UI, subtitles, transcripts, and speech.
  • Text/SMS delivery plans available.
  • Ephemeral magic links.
  • Revocable and replaceable content.
  • Editorials support.
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Cast Plus Pricing

Cast Enterprise

custom pricing
  • From 10,000 Casts per month.
  • Hyper-personalization.
  • Content Summarization.
  • High performance delivery SLAs.
  • High availability SLAs.
  • CEO and CTO contact information.
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