Unleash Exponential Growth with AI-Agents for Customer Success and Account Management.

Your customer-facing teams don't need to grow in lockstep as you scale. Grow and preserve your revenue exponentially, breaking free from the constraints of linear scaling.
Pure Storage adds $400,000 Per Quarter to the bottom line using cast.app Digital AI CSMs with just one use case. We have expanded to 9 more use cases. — Rigo Rodriguez, Senior Global Director, Pure Storage

Priced by the Number of Your Customer Accounts.*

Note, Typical time-to-market varies from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

*Unlike team-centric tools like CRM and CS Platforms, and like your product, Cast.app caters to your customer-users directly on your behalf and is therefore priced by the number of customer accounts, not your team members.

Ready to Grow and Preserve revenue on Autopilot?