Unleash Growth with AI-Agents.

Your customer-facing teams don't need to grow in lockstep as you scale. Grow and preserve your revenue exponentially, breaking free from the constraints of linear scaling.
Pure Storage adds $1,600,000 Per Year to the bottom line using cast.app AI Agents with just one use case. We have expanded to 9 more use cases. — Rigo Rodriguez, Senior Global Director, Pure Storage

Priced by the Number of Your Customer Accounts.

<50 employees or <$10M ARR

Q: Regarding priced by Customer Accounts, why don't you price by seat or team-members?
Unlike team-centric tools like CRM and CS Platforms, and just like your product, Cast.app caters to your customer-end-users directly on your behalf and is therefore priced by the number of customer accounts, and not your team members.

Q: How many customer end-users are included.
We encourage you to engage and influence every user and executive, to help you with your business. But, do not share the same content with everyone. With cast, you can engage and influence active and inactive users, primary executives, and even non-line-of-business executives (e.g., CFOs) with hyper-personalized and relevant content. Based on your users we include 7-10 users for startups and unlimited for enterprise accounts.

Q: What defines a startup for our pricing model?
A: Startups are defined as companies with fewer than 50 employees or less than $10 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

Q: How does custom enterprise pricing work?
A: Our custom enterprise pricing is tailored to fit the unique needs of larger organizations. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we’ll create a plan that aligns with your goals.

Q: What kind of support can we expect with each plan?
A: Startups receive email and chat support, while enterprise clients have access to email and CEO phone support, along with personalized
presentations and more.

Q: Can we switch plans as our company grows?
A: Absolutely! Our plans are designed to scale with your growth. Contact us to discuss how we can adjust your plan as your needs evolve.

Q: How long does it take to implement cast.app?
A: Note, Typical time-to-market varies from 3 weeks to 4 weeks and integrations.

Q: What Integrations are supported?
A: We can work with CRMs, CS platforms, Snowflake, any SQL database including from Azure, Google, and Amazon. We also have a universal REST/JSON connector to connect with any API, including your product and 3rd party products. See Integrations.