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“As GoodTime grows, it is strategically adopting a community-first and digital-led model to provide proactive success to all accounts.

Cast.app delivers personalized data insights on-demand, ensuring GoodTime customers get qualitative value automating renewals and expansion conversations.
Lauren Costella, VP Customer Success, GoodTime.

Watch the Conversation with Dallas Frazer, Customer Success Manager, Goodtime.
“We were looking to develop engaging campaigns to drive customer adoption and retention at scale.

With Cast, we have been able to build and deliver engaging, valuable, and personalized customer communications.”
Teresa Chu, Customer Success Marketing Manager,
Aruba a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
“Tailoring our communication to each customers’ behavior is something I’ve struggled with at both Notion and Typeform due to our high volume.

I love how Cast solves this problem and customizes proactive outreach based on a customer’s profile and behavior at scale
David Apple, Head of Customer Success, Notion
Service Excellence Partners
“The most important & most time-consuming job in Customer Success is demonstrating realized value. And consistently one of the biggest challenges is doing it cost-effectively, at scale.

Cast breaks new ground by automating business reviews, enabling companies to deliver a luxury to small accounts that is currently enjoyed only by large ones.”
Ed Powers, Service Excellence Partners
"Cast has helped reduce days-on-market by 14 days for over $1 billion worth of managed properties — helping our 4,000+ customers make $6.6 million in revenue and significantly improve our NPS."
Rico Mok,  CTO and Co-founder
OneCast — OneRent's Cast — compares neighborhood property prices for property owners, convinces them to either lower the price of property of offer a promotion for faster renting, if appropriate.
Cast helped Onerent cut down decision making from 15 days to a few minutes, which enabled them to scale Customer Success to 1660% additional users. For OneRent, users trusted machine explanations over commissioned sales staff. OneRent added revenue of over $1M in the first four months of Cast usage.

Read OneRent's success story.
"Forget the painstaking and mind-numbing job of filling in things like EBR templates on a customer by customer basis, it’s time to do things automatically …  and at scale."
Jon Triggs, Head of Customer Success at Fluent Technology and a Top 100 CS Strategist.
"The top question, after the trial was if they will continue to get revenue forecast and guidance casts regularly. A 3-minute Cast tailored to each account executive, manager and senior management? Easy decision."
Jake Spear, Director Revenue, ringDNA
RingDNA is a sales enablement and productivity tool to drive sale revenue, serving large enterprise customers including Amazon, Autodesk, Twilio, and others. RingDNA Casts explain revenue analytics with forecasts to sales people. Business review Casts for ringDNA customers help explain the product value and automate renewals.
"Since enabling Cast, LSTA’s research reports saw a 4x increase in usage. Our 17K users are now highly engaged and watching Casts 3.1x on an average, compared to pushed PDF research report or presentations."
Kenny Riaz, VP, Strategy & Financial Market Analytics, LSTA
Loan Syndicate and Trading Association is the industry association for the corporate syndicated loan market. The research report explains the loan trading volumes, average vs. median trade price, and average vs median mark-to-market bid-ask spread. LSTA saw 4x usage and high engagement with 310% repeat playback per send with Casts.

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