Introducing 3.0: A New Dawn in AI-Driven Customer Engagement 
Experience an AI-driven Avatar: Presenting, Explaining, Engaging, and Answering Account-Specific Insights From Your Entire Tech Stack.

San Francisco, California, September 26, 2023 —, an innovator in AI-driven solutions for customer engagement, announced the launch of 3.0, a ground-breaking update designed to redefine the way your customers interact with your business. 

" Digital Customer Success and Account Managers automate 60-95% of tasks, freeing customer-facing teams to focus on relationship-building and strategic consultation. Consequently, our customers commonly report an ROI ranging from 12x to 30x," said Dickey Singh, CEO of 

Pure Storage uses Cast Digital CSMs to add $400K to the bottom line every quarter.
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What's New in 3.0 

Ask Me Anything (AMA) 

Like in-person customer-facing presenters,'s digital presenter may be interrupted during a live presentation for questions, and receive relevant account-specific chatGPT-style answers and recommendations.

  • "How do I benchmark compared to others in my segment?" 
  • "What should my team focus on to improve revenue?" 
  • "How many unused licenses do I have?"

Watch a demo video and learn more about AMA

Lifelike voices digital presenter is fluent in 12 languages and features realistic and cloned voices. Here are some examples in American, French, and British.

Generate cross-platform SQL queries from natural language

Adding to the previously released Generative AI features, customers can seamlessly combine data from Salesforce, Hubspot, Gainsight, Totango, Snowflake, or any service with a RESTful API using simple, natural language commands. will generate efficient cross-platform SQL queries. 

Personalized Digital Hub 

Along with Digital CSM-driven presentations, enables sharing insights and recommendations through a dynamic, multilingual Digital Hub. CSMs can use the Digital Hub to collaborate with customers. 

Publish and Deliver 

Cast presentations and Digital Hub pages may be embedded directly in your app or website to reach active product users and delivered over email and text to inactive users and executives.

What Customers Are Saying

"My team and I are excited about 3.0's 'Ask Me Anything.' With its AI-driven Digital CSMs, our customers get immediate, account-specific answers to their questions in an accessible ChatGPT style. This revolutionary step in digital customer engagement and automation not only accelerates revenue growth but also enhances customer retention and expedites value realization." 

Carlos Quezada, 
Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy, Automation, & Enablement,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

"'s Digital CSMs are a game-changer for how Customer Success engages with customers. The targeted guidance and feedback, curated for each customer's business goals and objectives, not only accelerates time-to-value but also optimizes the product and services consumed. We're eager to extend this capability to our customers and partners. In fact, just one use case with's Digital CSMs has added $400,000 per quarter to Pure Storage in additional revenue and cost savings." 

Rigo Rodriguez,
Senior Director of Global Customer Success, 
Pure Storage

"The introduction of AMA by humanizes the digital experience by replicating the interactivity that is native to in-person engagements. We're excited to add this element to our customer offering and believe it will be heavily utilized." 

Kirsten DiChiappari, 
Vice President, Customer Success,
vCom Solutions
" Digital CSMs have revolutionized Aruba's digital strategy, enabling us to efficiently serve thousands of customers with minimal human resources behind the scene.

The much awaited 'Ask Me Anything' (AMA) feature adds an even more dynamic layer to our digital journey, and I'm thrilled about the potential it holds. Kudos to the entire team for consistently raising the Digital CS bar!"

Matt Harmon,
Director of CX Services Operations, Automation, Enablement, & Strategy, COE
Aruba Networks

What Industry Experts Are Saying 

"The 'Ask Me Anything' feature in 3.0 is a game-changer. Trained using natural language and deeply aware of account-specific details, it sets a new standard for real-time customer engagement." 

Kristi Faltorusso, 
CCO of Client Success, 
Product Advisory Board Member, 

"'s 'Ask Me Anything' feature is a leap forward in one-to-many customer success. As I had predicted just four weeks ago, I am thrilled to see Digital CSMs and GPT-style self-success come to life." 

Jay Nathan 
EVP and CCO HigherLogic 
Cofounder, Gain Grow Retain

"'s 'Ask Me Anything' feature significantly advances Digital Customer Success. Digital CSMs embody what I advocate for in a company's go-to-market strategy: Proactive, personalized, and scalable customer engagement that protects and grows revenue." 

Emilia D'Anzica, 
Founder and Managing Director at Growth Molecules 
Product Advisory Board Member,

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About significantly boosts revenue and reduces costs via automated Digital Customer Success and Account Managers. Customers like Pure Storage have reported an additional $400,000 in revenue and savings per quarter through's Digital CS/AMs. 

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