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Meet your favorite automation tool for customer success.


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One customer success
automation tool, endless possibilities.

Scheduled Digital Business Reviews and ad-hoc outreach with explanations and actionable recommendations.
Personalize, Automate, and Scale Customer Success, Outreach, and Customer Marketing.
Drive Product Adoption, Growth, Retention, Renewals, and Revenue Expansion. Reach both Users and Executives.
"With Cast, we build and deliver engaging, valuable, personalized, and actionable customer communications."
Teresa Chu
CS Marketing Manager
"I love how Cast customizes proactive outreach based on a customer’s profile and behavior at scale."
David Apple
Head of Customer Success
" delivers personalized data insights on-demand, ensuring GoodTime customers get qualitative value and renewals and expansion recommendations."
Lauren Costella
VP Customer Success

Automated customer insights with actionable recommendations

Share 1:1 personalized and engaging insights with recommendations β€” meticulously explained by a Virtual CSM β€” to drive adoption, retention, renewals, expansion, and advocacy.

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