Personalize User Journeys.
At Scale.

Generate video presentations in seconds. Meticulously explained by a virtual presenter.

Drive customer success, product adoption, revenue expansion, and impactful outcomes for all your accounts. Including the long-tail.

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What your users experience.

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Design relevant user Experiences

Design user experiences in Cast Designer.

In the amount of time you research, create a presentation, and present to ONE managed account, create presentations for ALL your customer accounts. Try for free.

Cast Designer is a self-service tool for CSMs and Digital CSMs

Directionally Nudge Users to Next Best Step

Drive impactful outcomes at every stage of every user's journey.

Automate Customer Success and Account Management functions for every customer account including the long-tail.

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SCALE OUT — Serve CSM-unmanaged accounts

Drive value across the account base.

For managed accounts: Cast provides CSM-ready presentations and talking points, helping save 3-8 hours per account per month.

For unmanaged accounts: Cast Virtual CSM present to the CSM-unmanaged accounts, scaling coverage to previously CSM-unmanaged long-tail accounts.

Full coverage across accounts

SCALE UP — SERVE Every User At Your Account

User Success Customer Success

The customer we serve is not just a business. Our customers are unique individuals with shared and uniques goals. Personalize — a user's journey and not just the customer's journey — by role, function, and interest.

Provide recommendations to each user at your account individually with a user focus instead of an account focus. #UserSuccess

User success vs customer success

This ain't your average preso!

Cast video presentations are generated from customer account data, relevant & personalized, ultralight & interactive, explained by a virtual CSM, and drive impactful customer outcomes at scale.

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