Reports that explain, convince, and deliver actions.

Financial Reports you can read, listen, or watch.

cast select customers from representative segments
Merrill Cast

Explain in consumer friendly formats.

Casts combine human-like speech, dynamic visualizations, and automatically generated narrative summaries to explain insights clearly.

Explain 401(k), 529 College Savings, ETFs, investment, using customer data, in formats consumers care.

Casts for the Audience of ONE

Casts are hyper-personalized as they use each user's account data to uniquely explain, convince, and drive actions.

With support for multiple spoken languages, meticulously tuned natural speech, native listen, watch, interact, and accessibility modes, Cast is perfect. For everyone.

Merrill Cast
Merrill Cast

One Cast for every role, every user

Casts can change its shape to automatically serve several salespersons, managers, and the chief revenue officer, within a team, or customers, suppliers, members, partners, other business unit execs, and investors outside the team.

Rico Mok onerent customer

"The top question, after the trial was if they will continue to get revenue forecast and guidance casts regularly. A 3-minute Cast tailored to each account executive, manager and senior management? Easy decision." — Jake Spear, RingDNA

High-value actions. Built-In.

Best time to drive actions?

Right after a convincing explanation and Right within a Cast.

Because, people readily take action when we appeal to their identity, explain from their point-of-view, and in their lingo.

Rico Mok onerent customer

"OneCast has helped OneRent reduce days-on-market by 14 days for over $1B worth of managed properties, which translates to 4% increase in monthly subscription revenue for OneRent." — Rico Mok, CTO, OneRent

Merrill Cast
Merrill Cast

Casts are experienced anywhere, anytime, and on any device. They are delivered via texts, chatbots, virtual assistants, email, and Slack.


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ForceCast for Salesforce
and Salesforce Einstein

Rico Mok onerent customer

Jake Spear, RingDNA

"The sales team loved how easily ForceCast keeps them updated. Their top question, after the trial was if they will continue to get casts regularly."

Your Salesforce data explained from
your point-of-view so you can focus on your pipeline and business.

Cast delivers explainable reports using human-like narratives and speech fully synchronized with visuals.

Connect your Salesforce instance with ForceCast.

Or, connect your Salesforce sandbox instance.


ForceCast and EinsteinCast for Salesforce

Connect with us and let's show you how ForceCast can help you drive actions.

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StripeCast for Stripe

Your Stripe data in your preferred format, made actionable, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Connect your stripe account with stripecast.

Get stripecasts delivered via text, slack, or email. Stripecasts include metrics, anomalies like fraud, seasonality, forecasts, and are ever-evolving.

Cast delivers clear, compelling, and beautiful reports using human-like speech fully synchronized with visuals. So your team can read, watch, or listen, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
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Our Joy Recipe at work

"Cast helps OneRent engage over 3,200 property owners daily, with 20% making financial decisions directly within a Cast, versus over a phone call."

Rico Mok, CTO, OneRent logo

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