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Design: What your users experience.

In Cast Designer (
In the amount of time you research, create a presentation, and present to ONE CSM-managed account, create video presentations for ALL your customer accounts, perpetually. Try for free.

Drive value across the account base.

CSMs provide value to CSM-led high-touch (e.g. top paying, new, or high need) accounts and the Cast automated Virtual CSMs provide similar value to the long-tail CSM-unmanaged accounts. Learn More.

Full coverage across accounts

User Success ≫ Customer Success

Shift the focus from account-based Customer Success to user-based User Success. Improve stickiness by providing relevant recommendations to each user at your account.

The customer we serve is not just a business. Our customers are individuals with shared and unique goals. Personalize — a user's journey and not just the customer's journey — by role, function, and interest.

Take the product to the users. Deliver in your app, over email, over SMS, or in Slack.

Drive impactful outcomes at every stage of every user's journey.

Automate Customer Success and Account Management functions for every customer account especially the unmanaged long-tail. Directionally guide users to their Next Best Action.

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Speak your user's lingo.

Design in Cast video presentations in English and present to users in a language of their preference.

Studies show users complete more actions and quickly when they understand why they should take an action.² Your Cast Virtual CSMs can explain and present in: 
🇺🇸 US English, 🇬🇧 UK English, 🇦🇺 Australian English, 🇫🇷 Française, 🇪🇸Española, 🇮🇹 Italiano, 🇩🇪 Deutsche, 🇳🇱 Nederlandse, 🇩🇰 Dansk, 🇯🇵 Japanese 日本人, 🇮🇳 Hindi हिंदी, and 🇨🇳 Chinese 中文.

This ain't your average preso!

Cast video presentations are generated from customer account data, relevant & personalized, ultralight & interactive, explained by a virtual CSM, and drive impactful customer outcomes at scale.

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