Grow Efficiently, Save Costs, and Accelerate Time-to-value with automated

Digital Customer Success Managers

Automate your customer success.
Drive product usage & adoption.
Drive retention & renewals.
Influence revenue expansion.
Create a stream of referrals.
Trusted by customers:

Explained and presented by a Digital CSM

Data-driven presentations meticulously explained by a Digital CSM or Digital Account Representative to drive Adoption, Retention, Renewals, Expansion, and Referrals. allows our Customer Success team to quickly share meaningful insights to our customers, helping them understand the impact of our product through a highly engaging, customized, and seamless interface.
Jasper Sone
Chief Product Officer
With, we build and deliver engaging, valuable, personalized, repeatable, and actionable customer communications.
Teresa Chu
Manager, Customer Marketing allows us to not only deliver customer insights to key stakeholders automatically, but also relevant recommendations based on how their data is trending. It is a powerful tool for helping our customers be successful at scale.
Andrew Glendon
Sr. Manager, Customer Success helped increase our adoption rates and in 6 weeks ControlUp was able to more than double the number of customers that upgraded to our product's latest version.
Yair Bortinger
Head of CS Operations automates sharing personalized customer insights to execs and uses benchmarking to drive product adoption and revenue expansion. We are expanding to several use cases.
Warlito Talagtag
Sr Manager CS Automation & Analytics

One automation tool.
Endless Efficiencies for customer-facing teams.

Use automation to scale across all customer segments and personas. Inform and Influence active users and executives.
Scale without hiring additional customer success managers, account managers, community managers, or content writers.
Drive Product Usage, Adoption, Growth, Retention, Renewals, Revenue, and Referrals.

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