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Teresa Chu, Aruba

AI Driven Digital Customer Success in App Form w/ Dickey Singh of

by Alex Turkovic
Three types of Digital CS.

One-to-Many: A broad approach using resources such as blog posts and webinars created once to educate and inform a wide audience.

Many-to-Many: Customers and customer success managers co-create content on communities and wikis, fostering a dynamic space rich with varied insights.

Digital One-on-One: A highly personalized approach where platforms like deliver role-specific experiences, from ROI analysis for executives to customized tutorials for users, ensuring relevant and impactful support for every customer, using AI agents.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Early Indicator Of Future Success

by Dickey Singh

The article discusses the importance of distinguishing between leading, lagging, and vanity metrics for business success, highlighting leading metrics for their forward-looking insights as "Early Indicator of Future Success" advocated by NVIDIA's CEO.

It also touches on the significance of Customer Health scores, the interplay between Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Value (ROV), and the value of SaaS metrics like Net Revenue Retention (NRR) for assessing customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

The 5S of customer-facing orgs and the impact of 2nd Generation AI Agents

by Dickey Singh

The article delves into the integration of AI in enhancing customer engagement across Success, Support, Service, Sales, and Surveys.

It illustrates how 2nd generation AI agents automate and enrich customer interactions, allowing human teams to focus on deeper relationship building. The piece underscores AI's critical role in transforming customer experiences, offering a future where technology and human expertise coalesce to meet evolving customer needs, driving growth and nurturing loyalty. This new paradigm offers a scalable, efficient approach to customer engagement, setting a new benchmark in customer-facing operations.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

The ABC of Intelligence: Using AI, BI, and CI for Success

by Dickey Singh

This article discusses three critical areas for business success, Artificial, Business, and Customer Intelligence.

It provides an overview of the fundamentals of AI, advancements in AI learning techniques, and its latest developments, followed by a discussion on BI tools and trends for your teams.

Finally, CI (enhanced with benchmarking) leverages deep understanding of customer data to offer personalized, actionable insights across different personas, driving enhanced engagement, satisfaction, and revenue growth by aligning product capabilities with customer goals.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Grow and Retain Preserve Revenue

by Dickey Singh

We step outside the traditional Customer Success comfort zone by discussing growth and revenue preservation, as opposed to focusing solely on churn management.

Is Preserving Revenue > Retaining Revenue?

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Advancing Beyond Team-Centric Technology and catering directly to your customers with

by Dickey Singh

Your CRM is for your salesforce and marketers, your CS platform is for your CSMs, your customer service system is for your support teams and the rest of your tech stack, further empower your teams., just like your products, cater directly to your customers.
Also how Personalized Learning differs from 1:many LMS.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

How delivered a 30x ROI for Pure Storage

by Dickey Singh

$400K/quarter in new revenue and savings
4316 hours/quarter savings

Teresa Chu, Aruba

What is this new combined Customer Success Account Management Role?

And what is the new CS/AM role at Microsoft and other companies? What are the advantages and disadvantages of combining the roles as CS/AM?

by Dickey Singh

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Why Customer Success and Account Management Should Ensure Customers Get Both ROV and ROI: A Holistic Approach to Growth

by Dickey Singh

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Achieving Unprecedented 30x ROI — The Pure Storage and Digital CSM Success Story

A Conversation with Warlito Talagtag, Pure Storage.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Introducing 3.0: A New Dawn In AI-Driven Customer Engagement

Experience an AI-driven Avatar, a Digital CSM — Presenting, Explaining, Engaging, and Answering Account-Specific Insights From Your Entire Tech Stack.

What Customers and Industry Experts say.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Cast 3.0 Sneak Preview

by Dickey Singh

Cast 3.0 Boasts a Powerhouse of Cutting-Edge Features.  
- Ask Me Anything, the personal account-specific GPT style chatbot
- Life-like voices
- Digital Hub
- More Generative AI for you and your customers
- Native Integrations with your tech stack.

Ask Me Anything

by Dickey Singh

The premier 3.0 feature where your customers can ask your AI-driven Digital CSM questions and get account-specific personalized GPT-style answers.

AMA adds a personal & AI-driven Digital CS / AM for every user at every customer account.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Strategizing with C-level execs when investing in high-ROI automation products.

by Dickey Singh

I recently asked several senior customer success questions about their views on investing in automation products as a learning exercise. We covered: Responsibilities of the CSM, AM, or CS AM and how to convince C-level Executives to invest in purpose-built high-ROI automation tools.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Leveraging Automation And AI To Maximize B2B And SaaS Customer Growth.

by Dickey Singh

When we talk about automation, we rarely emphasize eliminating human error. We automate Sales, Marketing, and Accounting well but lack automation for customer-facing teams, even though we have much more data about existing customers' usage, adoption, and behavior and achieve better results.


Prospect, Buyer, Customer, User, And Churn Journeys — Bridging The Gap.

by Annette Franz

Get into the details of various journeys we attribute to different constituents of our businesses.

What are they? How do they differ? Why is it important to differentiate? And who needs to be involved and engaged when? That and more can be found in this article by Annette Franz!

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Revolutionizing Customer Success with Digital CSMs — The real power of Digital CS.

by Dickey Singh

66% to 75% of CS playbooks can be executed without human CSM intervention. This highlights the potential of automation in Digital CS. Automated playbooks can handle routine tasks, freeing up CSMs to focus on more complex, high-value activities. They also ensure that the customer experience remains consistent, regardless of the volume of interactions.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Introducing the Latest Upgrade of — Generative AI using GPT — Updated

by Dickey Singh

We are excited to announce that has just received a significant upgrade to its AI capabilities and now includes several innovative generative AI-driven capabilities to add to the already existing AI capabilities.

The new capabilities are already available to customers.

Teresa Chu, Aruba SOC 2 Type 2 and SOC 3 Report

by Dickey Singh team has successfully received the SOC2 Type 2 and SOC 3 report.

This certification verifies that we have put in place robust controls to maintain the security and privacy of our customers' data, making us the gold standard for securing customer data.

SOC 3 Report is available.

Teresa Chu, Aruba

Customer Webcast:
How Digital Customer Success Managers Engage & Influence Aruba Customers

with Teresa Chu, Head of Digital Strategy, Customer Success, Aruba Networks

Teresa Chu joins us for a customer webcast. She has been a fantastic customer and design partner and helped develop into the automation and digital product it is today.

Aruba was already a front-runner in digital customer success and developed Steve, a digital CSM, early on. is the next generation Steve, and adds actionable recommendations and practical advice at scale.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Maximizing Business Value in a in a declining economic climate

by Dickey Singh

In today's economic climate, companies are looking for ways to be more efficient and do more with less.

They are focusing on Maximizing the Business Value.

Products that maximize business value help grow revenue efficiently, reduce operational and growth costs, accelerate time-to-value, and reduce risk.

Purposeful automation is still the most efficient way to drive business value.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Introducing the GoodTime and Integration

We are thrilled to announce that has integrated with GoodTime, a meeting scheduling tool that allows businesses to schedule meetings.

By setting up GoodTime as a recommendation, you can intelligently connect and route your customers to the right customer-facing team member, including executives, customer success managers, and account representatives.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Deep Dive: All things Product-led growth and Digital Customer Success

Thanks to RocketLane Community Preflight for inviting Dickey Singh for a deep dive into Product-led growth and Digital Customer Success.

With guests: Aron Lanclos (VP CS, OwnBackup), Dickey Singh (Founder & CEO,, and Joy Shukla (Author of Customer Success Mindset)

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Customer Webcast:
Conversation with Customer and power user Andrew Glendon of RouteThis

RouteThis has been a long-time customer and Andrew Glendon, a power user.

We ask him questions to learn how he's using

His advice on how to get really high engagement on the cast presentations can be summed up as Quality over Quantity.

Watch the webcast.

Donna Weber and Dickey Singh

Crossing the Chasm:
How to automate the critical gap from the buyer journey to the customer journey
with Donna Weber

Webcast with Onboarding expert Donna Weber. We cover:
- The buyer-to-customer journey transition, Preboarding v onboarding
- How could pre-boarding be offered to all prospects?
- How to scale and automate onboarding?
- Why do customers prefer data from Spreadsheets and CRMs to manage and deliver onboarding?
- Importance of Visual communications in the customer journey?
- The pre-boarding and onboarding framework.
- How is onboarding for a cross-sold product to an existing customer different from onboarding a new customer?

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Digital-led, human engagement: Creating CS programs that scale, with Notion and Wisq

Register for a webcast where the Customer Success leaders Monica Perez of Notion and Celia Gouveia of Wisq discuss how to create successful Customer Success programs that scale.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Customer Success Trends and Predictions: An interview with Dickey Singh

In this article, Annette Franz reviews some Customer Success trends and predictions posed by Deloitte and asks CEO, Dickey Singh, to weigh in with his thoughts on what he’s seeing relative to each trend or prediction.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Customer Webcast with
HPE, Pure Storage, Control Up, Success Coaching:

Automation-first Just-in-time strategies for growth and revenue expansion

Cast Customers HP Enterprise, Pure Storage, ControlUp, and Success Coaching discuss Automation-first Just-in-time Strategies to scale growth and Revenue from existing customers.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Scaling Customer Marketing Through Automated Customer Success Management

With Guest Dickey Singh
by Paris Childress
Scaling Customer and Retention Marketing via automated CS management. LTV / CAC vs NRR. Customer Marketing drives NRR. Retention Marketing drives GRR. How Acquisition Marketing differs from Customer Marketing.

Listen to podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

#3: Scaling Customer Success — In Depth

Listen to the webinar "Scaling Customer Success — In Depth" with Wayne McCulloch (CCO WalkMe), Jeff Heckler (Director CS by MarketSource), Dickey Singh (CEO, and Annette Franz, CEO CX Journey.

What are the various Journey Maps? How do you scale Moments of Truth? What is the difference between Scaling Customer Success vs. Scaling Customer Success Teams? How to scale and automate Playbooks. How do you scale expansion revenues? What about scaling up-telling and cross-telling? We also cover scaling Personalized Moments of Action and scaling to more stakeholders at every account. We also talk about scaling to more regions using automation. We cover scaling to free users in a Product-led growth motion, scaling to provide continuous value and discuss various risk Categories. Finally, we talk about scaling advocacy and how companies can scale on provising strategic advice.

Listen to the webinar.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Podcast — The Jason's take on...
Scaling Customer Success with Automation

With Guest Dickey Singh
by Jason Noble and Jason Whitehead

Join us with guest Dickey Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of, a company focused on scaling customer success and post-sales.Today we are talking with Dickey to learn how to scale Customer Success with Automation.

We will explore new and emerging areas of automation, such as using advanced technology to offer on-demand, personalized automated business reviews. We discuss other opportunities, challenges, and implications for using automation tools to scale your CS reach and impact.

Listen to podcast on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or the website.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

#2: Modern Customer Segmentation and Future of Customer Health

Listen to the webinar "Modern Customer Segmentation and Future of Customer Health" with Wayne McCulloch (CCO WalkMe), Jeff Heckler (Director CS by MarketSource), Dickey Singh (CEO, and Annette Franz, CEO CX Journey.

Why should we discuss segmentation and Customer Health together? Traditional segmentation vs modern segmentation. No fixed formula? If your platform is not solving problems for your customers, doesn’t matter if they’re high touch, low touch, or tech touch?

What is broken in today's health scores and what should companies focus on in the future? Do good Customer health scores mean they’ll stay, and vice versa? Why isn't there a fixed formula for CH that everyone can use? How is CH calculated? How does AI or ML factor into CH? Can you use them to predict churn, calculate a customer health score, and more? What is the downside of a composite CH score? Should CH itself be used to trigger playbooks or should KPIs and EWS (early warning signs) that make up a CH be used instead?

Listen to the webinar.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Scaling Customer Success Strategies — 101

As your business scales and grows, more and more of your revenue will come from existing customers. 73% of Salesforce and 75% of UiPath's revenue comes from existing customers. Implying, in order to scale and grow as a business, you must focus on existing customers.

I categorize various CS scaling strategies including CSM productivity, 1:many, many:many, and 1:1 CS scaling using personalization and automation.
by Dickey Singh

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

#1: The Future Chief Customer Officer Organization

Listen to the webinar "The Future Chief Customer Officer Organization" with Wayne McCulloch (CCO WalkMe), Jeff Heckler (Director CS by MarketSource), Dickey Singh (CEO, and Annette Franz, CEO CX Journey.

What is the CCO’s primary role? What is she tasked with? What roles/departments fall under the CCO? How has it changed since Jeanne Bliss wrote CCO and CCO 2.0? Are there any new roles in the CCO organization?Should the CCO own Customer Marketing? How is Customer Marketing different Acquisition or prospect marketing? How do CSMs transition to Customer Strategic Advisors? How do CSMs transition to tech-savvy CSMs? What can Customer Success learn from reactive conversations with customers?

Listen to the webinar.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Scaling Customer Success and Revenue with Automation — CSM Secrets Podcast

This episode has a Silicon valley entrepreneur as Guest, Dickey Singh!

Dickey comes from a strong technical background and is 100% a builder at heart.  The product portfolio includes software to measure customer satisfaction and feedback measurement systems, that enabled the Who is Who of the industry such as Apple, Google, Salesforce, Gartner improve CSAT by significant percentages. And this was acknowledged by none other than the LEGEND, Steve Jobs!
by Subha Shrinivasan,

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Exclusive conversation with Marie Alexander, who pioneered the Customer Success industry.

Exclusive conversation with Marie Alexander — the Silicon Valley executive who coined the term Customer Success and created the Customer Success industry.

by Dickey Singh with Wayne McCulloch (WalkMe), Emilia D'Anzica (Growth Molecules), Jeff Heckler (MarketSource), Ryan Seams (Mixpanel), and Annette Franz (

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Use High-Touch Strategies to Inform Your Digitally-Led Model

According to Dickey Singh (CEO & Cofounder of, most Digital CS approaches including low- and tech-touch models today aren’t effective.

Customers in this segment are usually overwhelmed with automated emails, pdfs of reports, and dashboards - instead of being sent meaningful, tailored content at the right time.

Dickey came on the Nuffsaid podcast this week to share how Customer Success teams can take a working high-touch model to inform their digitally-led CS practices.

by Chris Hicken, CEO and cofounder 'nuffsaid

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Can Customer Success be a Successful Loss Leader?

Have you ever walked out of Costco with just milk and eggs? Neither have we. And why are they located in the farthest section of the warehouse? Why is Costco giving away a whole 16-inch pizza for just $9.95? Milk, eggs, and Pizza are loss leaders for Costco. They bring in people like us into the store.

Is the Loss Leader Strategy applicable to Customer Success? Listen to the webinar recording and the different viewpoints.

Emilia D'Anzica of Growth Molecules, Jeff Heckler of MarketSource, Graham Gill of Maestro, Ronni Gaun of Zoom, and Dickey Singh,

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

A Customer Conversation with Dallas Frazer,

In this video, customer, Dallas Frazer, a Customer Success Manager at, discusses how they use at the heart of their digital CS strategy.

Dallas discusses his use of Cast Designer's various features including narrations, fields, and datasets to walk us through the nuts and bolts of building a Cast, and discusses other features he's excited to start using including Snippets and connecting Cast to his data warehouse to import data using the Cast built-in Customer Success focused Reverse ETL.

PS: Also check out the blooper edition!

Daljeet Virdi, CTO and Co-founder,

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Customer Retention ideas from Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, Calendly, and more

Customer Success teams have added a lot more responsibility: onboarding, adoption, improving the customer experience, value and revenue expansion, advising, managing advocacy, and helping presales and post-sales teams. However, increasing customer retention continues to be a number one priority of CSMs.

Anita Toth, Top 100 CS Strategist

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Traditional Quarterly Business Reviews vs. automated Digital Business Reviews

I was recently a guest for a podcast hosted by Anika Zubair, VP of Customer Success at We discussed several topics, including the difference between traditional executive business reviews (EBRs) or quarterly business reviews (QBRs) and digital business reviews (DBRs). This article is a detailed expansion of what we discussed.

Dickey Singh, CEO and Co-founder,

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Evolving Your Customer Success Approach

This is a repost of an article written by Annette Franz, that appeared in the Forbes Magazine.

The article mentions as an automation tool for post-sales and Customer Success.

Annette Franz - CEO CX Journey | Top 100 CS Strategist | Top 3 CX Influencer | Top 100 B2B SaaS Influencer

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Build Your First Effective Digital Customer Success Program.

A Quick Start Guide to Building Your First Digital Customer Success.

The guide covers how to pick your first use case for Digital CS, how to design it, and who to send it to.

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for patent and software patents

We filed a provisional patent before we started Cast and a non-provisional patent a year ago. We just got the patent approval on July 13!

This patent is my Co-founder, Daljeet, and Cast's first Patent. 🎉 And my tenth.

This article is about Software patents in general.
Dickey Singh, CEO and Co-Founder,

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Innovative Trends in Customer Success At Scale — with Google, Gong, and Accent

Recently, Cast hosted a webinar with panelists from Google, Gong, and Accent, where the team discussed delivering Customer Success value at scale, how to measure success, and provided tactical first steps to getting started. Here is a summary of the video replay of the webinar along with the original video.

Brian Lafaille, Google Could
Sonam Dabholkar, Gong
Graham Gill, Accent Technologies, and
Daljeet Virdi, CTO and Co-Founder

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Net Revenue Retention. Net Dollar Retention. A deeper dive.

Long form article that takes a deeper dive into Net Dollar Retention (NDR) and how it differs from Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and several variants. Why is NDR important to businesses and how to  track, measure, and grow NDR.‍
Dickey Singh, CEO and cofounder,

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica for

Strengthening Relationships through Customer Success

Annette Franz interviews Emilia D’Anzica, CEO of GrowthMolecules about the history and need of CS. They discuss how the role of CS changes as a company transitions from a startup to a company that IPOs. They cover CSM productivity and processes. Finally, they talk about the Digital-first approach to Customer Success and how it helps CSMs.
Annette Franz - CEO CX Journey | Top 100 CS Strategist | Top 3 CX Influencer | Top 100 B2B SaaS Influencer

Building value for Customers faster than they can on their own.

A first-principles conversation with Rav Dhaliwal, a Cast Investor and former Customer Success executive at Slack, Zendesk, Yammer, Salesforce, and IBM.
Annette Franz - CEO CX Journey | Top 100 CS Strategist | Top 3 CX Influencer | Top 100 B2B SaaS Influencer

A Lower Cost Hybrid Approach to Customer Success

The 'long tail' portion of your business needs a better strategy. Read Graham Gill's thoughts on why you need to be paying better attention to low-revenue accounts.
Graham Gill, Vice President of Customer Success & Services at Accent Technologies.

Humanizing Automations to help employees work smarter not harder

Companies aren’t looking to automate people right now; they’re looking to automate processes. There’s a big difference. Read more about humanizing, personalizing, and automating customer facing processes...
Annette Franz - CEO CX Journey | Top 100 CS Strategist | Top 3 CX Influencer | Top 100 B2B SaaS Influencer

“There’s a SaaS for that”: Why Customer Success will be the next vertical to explode in SaaS solutions

And when there is proactive focus on the customer and post sales process, we’ll change the notion that customer success teams are here to prevent those customers from leaving to one where they drive real revenue growth into the organization. Read more...
Eugene Lee, Principal, OMERS Ventures

Customer [Insert Term Here]: What do they all mean?

You are in business to create and to nurture customers. Without them you have no business. It’s on that note that I think about the alphabet soup of terms that exist when it comes to customers and how we nurture them today. So, how are Customer Experience, Customer Success, Customer Improvement, Account Management, and Digital Customer Success similar and yet different from each other? Read more...
Annette Franz - CEO CX Journey | Top 100 CS Strategist | Top 3 CX Influencer | Top 100 B2B SaaS Influencer

Dickey Singh and Daljeet Virdi, cofounders of Solves Big Data’s Big Problem.

In the era of Big Data, businesses are analyzing mountains of metrics — and using that data to make smarter strategic decisions. In turn, companies are spending millions on data scientists who build sophisticated charts, dashboards, and databases.
But there’s a problem — data is not being delivered in a digestible way. Read more...
Comcast LiftLabs

Onerent case study

How Onerent Uses Cast Personal One-on-one Video to Make Property Management Decisions.

Onerent made $6.6M for their customers using personalized Cast video to explain and drive actions.
Reproduced with permission from the Onerent Case Study published on Onerent website. Read more...
Onerent Analytics Team

How are Cast videos different from manually recorded videos?

How are generated Cast videos similar and yet different from manually recorded traditional videos?
Dickey Singh, CEO & Cofounder,

AI generated content

AI Generated Content

How is user generated content and professionally generated content different from AI or machine generated content.
Dickey Singh, CEO & Cofounder,

Ready to automate your success too?