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A Lower Cost Hybrid Approach to Customer Success

The 'long tail' portion of your business needs a better strategy. Read more about Graham Gill's thoughts on you need to be paying gbetter attention to segment of low-value accounts.
By Graham Gill, Vice President of Customer Success & Services at Accent Technologies.

Humanizing Automations to help employees work smarter not harder

Companies aren’t looking to automate people right now; they’re looking to automate processes. There’s a big difference. Read more about humanizing, personalizing, and automating customer facing processes...
By Annette Franz - CEO CX Journey | Top 100 CS Strategist | Top 3 CX Influencer | Top 100 B2B SaaS Influencer

“There’s a SaaS for that”: Why Customer Success will be the next vertical to explode in SaaS solutions

And when there is proactive focus on the customer and post sales process, we’ll change the notion that customer success teams are here to prevent those customers from leaving to one where they drive real revenue growth into the organization. Read more...
By Eugene Lee, Principal, OMERS Ventures

Automated EBR Slide Decks are now a thing!

On my continued quest to explore all things tech-touch CS, I recently came across a super cool tool that could transform the way you present data to your customers. Read more...
By Jon Triggs - Head of CS at Fluent Technology | Top 100 CS Strategist

Customers using in times of COVID.

Customer [Insert Term Here]: What do they all mean?

You are in business to create and to nurture customers. Without them you have no business. It’s on that note that I think about the alphabet soup of terms that exist when it comes to customers and how we nurture them today. So, how are Customer Experience, Customer Success, Customer Improvement, Account Management, and Digital Customer Success similar and yet different from each other? Read more...
By Annette Franz - CEO CX Journey | Top 100 CS Strategist | Top 3 CX Influencer | Top 100 B2B SaaS Influencer

Daljeet and Dickey - Stanford. Solves Big Data’s Big Problem.

In the era of Big Data, businesses are analyzing mountains of metrics — and using that data to make smarter strategic decisions. In turn, companies are spending millions on data scientists who build sophisticated charts, dashboards, and databases.
But there’s a problem — data is not being delivered in a digestible way. Read more...
By Comcast LiftLabs

Onerent, a cast customer made $6.6M for there properly owner customers.

How Onerent Uses Cast Personal One-on-one Video to Make Property Management Decisions.

Onerent made $6.6M for their customers using personalized Cast video to explain and drive actions.
Reproduced with permission from the Onerent Case Study published on Onerent website. Read more...
By the Onerent Analytics Team

How are Cast videos different from manually recorded videos?

How are generated Cast videos similar and yet different from manually recorded traditional videos?

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