Why Scale using Automation, Personalization, & Recommendations?

Traditional Scaling strategies

Common Customer Success Scaling strategies include: scaling CSM teams, 1:many digital CS, and many:many digital CS.

Scaling with Automation, Personalization, and Recommendations.

Scaling with Automation, Personalization, and Growth and Revenue Recommendations is the most effective scaling strategies when compared to scaling CSM teams, 1:many digital CS, and many:many digital CS.

Personalized and Relevant Recommendations

Personalize both the user insights and recommendations by role and responsibilities.

‍Product Growth Recommendations
Curate and Share 1:many resources (webinar recordings, resources, blogs, infographics, ebooks).
Invite users to many:many communities or an in-person event.
Setup 1:1 office hours with your executive or CSM.

Revenue Recommendations
Drive revenue with sales recommendations, including upgrades, up-selling features, cross-selling products, renewals and expansion, and more.

For those that login. And for those who don't won't.

Reach your Stakeholders, wherever they are.

You users login in to your product? Great! Reach them in-app, in-mobile-app, or in chat bots. They don't log in? No worries! Reach your executives and economic buyers over email, SMS, or slack.

Regardless, they get unique and personalized experiences appropriate for their role — not the generic "in-app" experience. Personalize by the most favorable channel for every user.

Value for your customers and Value for you.

Value for your Customer:
Health, product adoption, retention, and advocacy, impactful outcomes for each user at every account.

Value for you:
ROI of an automation tool! Seamless renewals, reduced churn, expansion revenue automation, improved Net Revenue Retention, advocacy, and ability to interact with busy executives asynchronously.