How what your customers want
tie into the use cases

Use cases span scaling post-sales across the customer lifecycle — from preboarding late-stage prospects, onboarding accounts and users, to off-boarding and every user lifecycle interaction in between. AI Agent Use Cases For Your Customers, Partners, & more AI Agent Use Cases

1. Personalized Business Reviews & Executive Updates

Digital Business Reviews, Executive Updates, CFO Reports, Insights Summaries, Value Statements, Service Overviews, Performance Updates, Tune Ups, rapports de performance, Return on Investment Progress, Onboarding Overviews, and every touchpoint you have with customers throughout their journey with your product are your secret growth engine, helping you grow and preserve your revenue.

Business reviews at the account level can often be overlooked. Your customers seek actionable information, status updates, and strategies to maximize both ROI and strategic value.

However, when done correctly, business reviews can be your secret engine for accelerating growth and preserving revenue. By making each review relevant to the specific needs of each persona, you ensure its effectiveness and impact.

2. Enterprise-Grade Onboarding & Enablement

Accelerate Customer Value Realization offers enterprise-grade onboarding that includes: Late-stage Prospect Pre-onboarding, Customer Account Onboarding, Customer User Onboarding, New Customer User Hire Onboarding, Re-onboarding, and Off-boarding.

3. Personalized Learning & Recaps

More Personal than human-led | More scalable than LMS offers Personalized Learning, Relearning, and Recaps, that unlike LMS-based solutions do not shift the onus on learner.

4. NPS, CES, OSAT, 𝛿4,  Polls & Generative Forms

Your customers want to help you improve your products and services. supports relational NPS (11-, 5-, 2-point, and custom Likert scale), 7-point CES scale, new Product Market Fit (PMF), Product Efficiency Delta 4 Index, OSAT (Customers and Partner overall satisfaction), Promoter Referrals, and custom polls. You can also collect data using generative forms, that are purchase aware.

5. Partner & Stakeholder Accountability

Reselle, Partners, and Stakeholder Accountability, Success, and Satisfaction. supports partner success to keep your partners accountable with NRR reporting and partner sales funnels.