Use cases to automate NRR growth

Use Cases For Your Existing snd New Customers

Interactive, Actionable, & Personalized Digital Business Reviews with Recommendations to drive adoption, retention, revenue, and referrals.

Use cases span scaling post-sales across the customer lifecycle — from preboarding late-stage prospects, onboarding accounts and users, to off-boarding and every user lifecycle interaction in between — using Automated Digital CSMs, Generative AI, and state-of-the-art Personalization.

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how to Grow NRR on autopilot?

Grow Net Revenue Retention by tracking and taking preemptive action on the 1st- and 2nd-degree leading metrics that directly or indirectly influence the lagging reporting metrics: Net Revenue Retention and Customer Health.

The Digital CSM
Competitive Advantage

The key differentiator is using Automated Digital CSMs in partnership with Human CSMs, Account Managers, and Subject Matter Experts (e.g., onboarding experts or analysts) across the segments. Personalize and curate Digital Resources and use Forms to collect data and meeting schedulers.

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Solve for Relevance, Influence, and Community
Solve for Reach

Reach where users and executives want to be reached, in-app OR Email or Text.

Solve for Relevancy and Effectiveness

Use segmentation models, customer maturity, user behavior and responsibility, user sophistication, and preferences to personalize content and recommendations.

Solve for Speed to Value Realization
Accelerate time to value.

Solve for Engagement and Influence

Explain, Engage, and Influence all personas. Tie Insights to actions.

Solve for Network Effects and Community

Ask for Referrals from promoters. Educate the community on your product or service. Influence the influencers.
Digital CSMs handle 75% of the tedious workload of Human CSMs
Using automated playbooks, state-of-the-art personalization, and generative AI, Digital CSMs take over 50-95% of the mundane tasks depending on the segment. Cast helps you scale CS Programs by elevating Human CSMs to Consultants.

Speed up Account and User Onboarding for customers.
A Digital CSM automates, personalizes, and streamlines several onboarding details for new customers, users, hires, cross-sold products, upsold features, and late-stage prospects.

Critical onboarding elements include team introductions, relationship-building, kickoffs, education, training, webinar invitations, curated content, personalized to-dos for various customer personas, onboarding timelines, expectation-setting, status updates, and vendor tasks.
Onboarding —  the process and actions of familiarizing products and services to customers and users — is the most important part of a customer's journey. In fact, over half of customer churn can be traced back to subpar onboarding experiences.
Donna Weber, Onboarding Expert & Author of Onboarding Matters
Pre-board late-stage prospects.
Pre-boarding prospects include:
● Showcasing benefits of your product, personalized for personas and businesses.
● Sharing CS's keenness to help post-sales as a competitive edge.
● Helping close deals faster.
Digital CSMs Personalize User Journeys for all Personas
Common thought leadership around Customer Journey Maps is that it is a living document that you should change frequently.

The reality, however, is not every customer follows the steps you outline in your Customer Journey Map. Even with the same customer, different user personas may have different expectations of your product.

A Digital CSM can drive personalized pre-boarding, onboarding, usage, adoption, retention, renewals, expansion, and referrals from promoters. Personalizing the journey for each user makes the product more approachable and valuable for every persona at every customer.
A Digital CSM shares curated digital resources with each persona, and connects them to human resources as needed, based on several criteria outlined in the Personalization section.

This personalization may include the customer's journey stage, level of maturity, past purchase history, and segmentation. By leveraging this information, the Digital CSM can provide a customized experience that meets the unique needs of each individual customer.
Determining Next Best Set of Recommendations
Rather than forcing a customer down predetermined drip campaigns, Cast Dripless campaigns focus on the Next Best Recommendation set for customers using their needs, current state, and personalization criteria.

Each customer may have different needs from your product or service. Each individual's journey as a contributor, power user, operator, or executive is unique.

A Digital CSM can be crucial in guiding users through a personalized and seamless experience, from onboarding to ensuring long-term customer loyalty.
Aim for Customers to become experts with your Product
Customer Maturity, is a measure of the level of experience, expertise, and sophistication that a customer has with your product or service. An expert customer better understands your product or service features, benefits, and use cases and is least likely to churn.

Customer adoption refers to the process by which customers begin to use and integrate a new product or service into their daily operations.

Adoption typically starts with pre-boarding and onboarding, during which the customer learns how to use the product and integrates it into their workflows.

Aim for Customers to become experts. Start with onboarding and Adoption.

● A customer may adopt a new product quickly but take longer to become an expert.
● A customer may have used a product for a long time but not fully adopted all its features or integrations.

An automated Digital CSM can drive customers to become experts, by
● Sharing self-service and online training materials
● Sharing knowledge bases
● Promoting certifications and badges
● Inviting them to communities
● Introducing them to support and subject matter experts

66% to 75% of playbooks can be executed without human intervention
Typically, Playbooks are standardized, documented guides for CSMs to follow, ensuring a positive and consistent customer experience by outlining processes, strategies, and best practices for various situations and target results.

A Digital CSM reaches out to customers directly, on behalf of your CSM, account manager, or subject matter expert, and requests help from human CSMs, subject matter experts, account managers, and executives as and when needed inline with the escalation procedures.
Playbook automation transforms customer success, leveraging data-driven playbook activation and automated processes to deliver seamless, personalized experiences, and drive optimal outcomes.
Michelle Curles, Salesforce
Use Competitive Benchmarking and Gamification to drive adoption and revenue — with zero effort on your part — can gamify adoption and revenue expansion using benchmarking derived from your customer segmentations and user or persona segmentations.

Gamify Adoption
Customers your size, use nine features of ACME SaaS product.  You are only using eight.  Would you like to book some time with Kimberly, your CSM, to learn how incorporating the bundled cohort analysis feature could increase NRR by 2%?

Gamify Sales
95% of customers using Salesforce and Stripe together take advantage of our marketplace integration.  Would you like to book some time with Noah, your account manager, for a short demo?
All successful companies are constantly benchmarking their competition. They have to know what they have to match up with day-in and day-out if their company is going to be successful.
James Dunn
Use State-of-the-art Personalization to solve for effectiveness and Relevancy.
To go beyond the table stakes personalization, incorporate personalization criteria that is important to you and your business. You can choose from several categories outlined on the product page.

They include but are not limited to Customer Maturity or Expertise, Cohort (Customer Since), Past Purchases and bundles, User Sophistication, User Role and Responsibilities, Customer Segmentations, User Segmentation (fallback to customer persona), Customer Relationship Health, Likelihood to Renew, Propensity to Upsell and Cross-sell, Service Level Agreements, Customer Lifecycle Stage, Strategic Significance.

Personalize insights and recommendations by persona.
Bring in the right human for the right job at the right time.
A Digital CSM reaches out to customers directly, on behalf of your CSM, account manager, or subject matter expert, and requests help from human CSMs, subject matter experts, account managers, and executives as and when needed inline with the escalation procedures.

For account-manager driven upsells and cross-sells, connect an account manager over email or phone, or encourage a customer to directly book a meeting over Calendly, Chili Piper, GoodTime Meet, Google Meetings, HubSpot Meetings, etc.
Embrace all types of segmentations — ARR-based to multidimensional — to your advantage.
Customers may start with traditional ARR-based pyramid segmentation in their CRM product, realize its limitations and add two-dimensional needs-, risk-, and size-based segmentation. Later they may introduce multi-dimensional or sophisticated unsupervised clustering-based segmentation.  

Businesses end up with more than one customer segmentation. supports several segmentations from simple ARR-based to AI-driven multi-dimensional simultaneously as personalization criteria.

You can choose the segmentation that works best for the problem at hand.
With the Consumerization of the Enterprise, User Segmentation is key in B2B and SaaS
Consumerization of the Enterprise means offering enterprise users consumer-grade experiences, ease of use, and flexibility, while maintaining the security, scalability, and reliability required by businesses.

User segmentation is based on user demographics, the organization they work for, technologies they use, their cohort, geography, attitude (what users say in surveys and testimonials), psychographics (what their expressed values, interests, opinions, and lifestyles are), needs, outcomes, and behaviors (what they do in your product). can personalize content and recommendations based on user segmentations, but can fallback on User Persona and profile if user segmentation is not yet available.

Scale CS Programs not CS Teams

Accelerate Time-to-value and Adoption

Drive Usage and Adoption for users, power users, operators, and executives.

Surface personalized and curated content for the right persona, at the right time in their customer journey, for the right customer maturity, right segment, user behavioral segmentation or persona, and any additional factors that you already use.

Curate, reuse, promote all your existing content including 1-to-many digital content, e.g., blogs, webinar recordings (webcasts), infographics, videos, and many-to-many digital communities and webinars.

Connect the best team member for the job at the right time using Calendly, ChiliPiper, GoodTime Meet, HubSpot, Google, and other online meeting schedulers.

A value driver is a top-of-mind concern that exists with an economic buyer/customer, whether you, the vendor, show up or not. Value drivers fall into four buckets: growing revenue, reducing risk, accelerating time-to-value, or reducing cost.

Joe Morrissey, CRO

Minimize account and revenue Churn

Churn because of a departing champion and poor onboarding is correctable.

In working with a number of SaaS portfolio companies, I have found that there are two causes of churn that occur more frequently than any others. They are failure to successfully onboard the customer and loss of the champion who drove the purchase.

David Skok

Building relationships and sharing value and ROI with more users and executives at each customer and improving account and user onboarding goes a long way.

In fact, all 20 churn reasons are correctable.

Drive Retention and Renewals

Customers renew and are retained when they continue to use the product after the initial term. They may renew at a lower, same, or higher rate, affecting NRR.

Share value, ROI, and roadmap with line-of-business and non-line-of-business execs and economic buyers.

Drive self-service renewals and account-manager-assisted renewals.

Knowing how customers define Customer Success is the way to prevent churn. It will change over time, so ensuring that you’re in sync regularly is k.

Andrew Marks, Founder Success Hacker and Success Coaching

Grow via Revenue Expansion

Use automation and personalization to foster growth via revenue expansion
• Drive feature upsells, product cross-sells, add-ons, seats and licenses
• Drive self-service via pricing configurators and custom personalized forms
• Drive account-manager-assisted renewals, connecting them to customers automatically using Calendly, ChiliPiper, GoodTime Meet, HubSpot, Google, and other online meeting schedulers.  
• Use Gamification and built-in Benchmarking techniques
• Introduce customers to open-source-, parther- and 3rd-party products — anything that improves your stickiness.

Customer Success is were 90% of the Revenue is.

Jason Lemkin

Drive Referrals from Promoters

Collect quick feedback without long survey forms, Overall Customer Satisfaction (OSAT/CSAT), Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), ask the Product-Market-Fit (PMF) question, and automatically ask promoters for referrals the moment they give a high rating.

Also, integrate with survey platforms and prefill customer data and show them within presentations.

People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred.


Conversational and Data-driven Customer Marketing

Communicate with Customers with human-like content. Share personalized customer insights and tie them to actionable recommendations for each user.

Don't use big words. They mean so little.

Oscar Wilde

The best marketing — does not feel like marketing.

Tom Fishbourne

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