Cast for Sales Teams.

Cast helps Sales teams drive actions with sales reps using hyper-personalized video summaries.

Unlike recorded video, Casts are generated directly from data & highlight insights that are relevant to sales operators by role, i.e., a sales rep, sales manager, or executive.

Casts help sales operators and reps reclaim 20-30 minutes of time daily.

Investments — BlackRock 529 College Savings Plan

The BlackRock 529 College Savings Cast explains Mary, her son Luke's college savings plan's performance against his savings goal. It makes recommendations to rebalance or move assets, or invite family members to make additional contributions.

Save Account Executives time

Cast helps Account Executives with Sales Pipeline Reporting, to help reps get visibility into their performance as it relates to their team, peers, and for sales managers to coach reps from the trends they observe.

Help SDRs & BDRs close deals versus searching for insights.

Cast helps Sales and Business Development Reps by highlighting and surfacing call and meeting performance insights that are relevant to SDR and BDR reps as well as their managers.

Cast surfaces and highlights relevant insights automatically by role and individual, saving each sales professional hours of time hunting for insights.

Benchmark call, meeting, email, sales pipeline activity for the team for each AE, and provide aggregates to team managers and executives.

Snapshot historical data in reports automatically and compare activities across periods to uncover key week-over-week, quarter-over-quarter trends.

all data in easy to understand charts and heatmaps, automatically highlighting insights that have changed significantly.

call, meeting, and email activity for each AE and tie to potential wins to help convince reps to improve dial, email, meeting numbers.

call talk time and meeting and email activity and compare against RingDNA best practices, to offer individualized coachability tips to each team member.
Explain 1:1
Explain using each user's account data.
Simplify to drive actions
Deliver easy-to-understand and consume reports.
Best time to drive action?
Right after a convincing explanation and
right within the Cast.

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