How delivers a 30x ROI for Pure Storage

At Pure Storage, like at many other B2B companies, Account or Customer Success or Managers faced the challenging task of managing 33 - 65 accounts per CSM, each demanding personalized attention and intricate understanding of their accounts.

Further, assigning an AM/CSM to every customer, especially those generating lower revenue, was not economically feasible.

Despite the inherent complexity of their products, the Pure Storage team remains committed to providing individualized attention, insights, and recommendations to help customers maximize their investments and to suggest new products and services.

To rise above these hurdles, Pure Storage used’s AI-driven Digital Customer Success and Account Managers,

  • automating a whopping 75% of routine tasks and,
  • impressively, realizing a 30x ROI

And achieved remarkable success.

Pure Storage adds $400K/quarter to the bottomline with

Pure Storage adds $400K to the bottomline every quarter with Digital CSMs. Click here to read a more comprehensive post by Pure Storage's Automation leader, Warlito Talagtag.

Pure Storage adds $400K/quarter to the bottomline

How to replicate the 30x ROI for your B2B or SaaS business

The pattern is not unique to Pure Storage. It applies to B2B / SaaS businesses across segments who want to scale customer-facing outcomes.

For high-touch segments, the Customer Success or Account Managers are usually responsible for too many accounts, juggling their time from account to account.

For lower tier or SMB accounts, you cannot afford to assign a CS/AMs to every account but you want to maintain a standard of excellence, standardization that does not sacrifice the customer experience.

In both scenarios, as a result, there is a lack of personal attention and individualized recommendations leading to a decline in adoption and expansion opportunities.

This impact is felt across the segments, including lower-tier or SMB customer accounts without assigned team members. offers automated "Digital CSMs" that drive onboarding, retention, renewals, expansion, and referrals for Pure Storage, HP Enterprise, Control Up, and others. By taking over 60-95% of the tasks from Human CSMs, Digital CSMs help you grow efficiently while saving you significant OPEX and labor costs.

If you are interested in replicating Pure Storage’s success and ROI, please set up a demo at

"'s Digital CSMs are a game-changer for how Customer Success engages with customers.

The targeted guidance and feedback, curated for each customer's business goals and objectives, not only accelerates time-to-value but also optimizes the product and services consumed.

We're eager to extend this capability to our partners.

In fact, just one use case with's Digital CSMs has added $400,000 per quarter to Pure Storage in additional revenue and cost savings." 

Rigo Rodriguez,
Senior Director of Global Customer Success, 
Pure Storage

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