Humanize all customer interactions using personalized content and videos generated directly from customer data. At scale.

Pair with recommendations-driven account management at every customer experience and customer success touch-point.

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“Cast has helped reduce days-on-market by 14 days for over $1 billion worth of managed properties — helping our 4,000+ customers make $6.6 million in revenue and has helped significantly improve our NPS” - Rico Mok,  Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at Onerent.
“The top question, after the trial was if they will continue to get revenue forecast and guidance casts regularly. A 3-minute Cast tailored to each account executive, manager and senior management? Easy decision.” — Jake Spear, Director Revenue, RingDNA.
“Since enabling Cast, LSTA’s research reports saw a 4x increase in usage. Our 17K users are now highly engaged and watching Casts 3.1x on an average.” — Kenny Riaz, VP, Strategy & Financial Market Analytics, LSTA.
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