Introducing the Latest Upgrade of — Generative AI using GPT
For you — customers — and your customers and users.
Available as of March 31, 2023
Updated September 5, 2023 (Generative AI for 3.0)
Dickey Singh

We are excited to announce that has just received a significant upgrade to its AI capabilities and now includes several innovative generative AI-driven capabilities.

About helps you Grow Net Revenue Retention on Autopilot using automated Digital Customer Success Managers, to drive pre-boarding for prospects, onboarding for new customers and users, and usage and adoption for users, power users, and executives. It also influences retention, renewals, revenue expansion, and referrals from promoters, automatically. grows NRR using Digital Customer Success Managers with Personalization, Benchmarking, Automation, and Generative AI capabilities

Previously Available already relies on several AI technologies. Here is what was previously available.

  • Business-text-to-speech.
  • Business-text-to-translation in 12 languages.
  • Translated text-to-speech.
  • Pronunciation engine for names and business vocabulary (e.g., Jan vs "yaan", CSM vs "Customer Success Manager")
  • Visualizing speech in real-time (vector viseme and phenomes and lip-syncing).  

Available March 2023

New Generative AI features available as of Friday, March 31, 2023

Today we have taken things to the next level by adding several Generative AI and GPT-4 capabilities. This new feature offers our customers a range of exciting new options, including the ability to change the tone of the content to suit their needs - whether humorous, friendly, professional, or conversational.

Customers can now benefit from grammar and spelling corrections and the option to summarize or expand the narrative content while maintaining the original meaning and changing the tone.

All of these new features are available to all users from yesterday, so why not try them out for yourself and experience the next level of AI-powered content generation?

List of New Generative AI features available to Customers

  • Support for four narrative tones of content: Humorous, Friendly, Professional, and Conversational.
    Note for Beta users, based on your feedback, Casual and Conversational have been merged under Conversational. Conversational is now also available in narrations with liquid code.
  • Advanced Grammar and Spelling — Context-aware advanced Grammar and Spelling checker for Narrations and Content
  • Summarization — Rewrite narrations to summarize and make them concise without losing their meaning
  • Expand Narrations — Rewrite narrations to expand
  • Style — Rewrite narrations to improve the style
  • Rewrite narrations with code — You can rewrite narrations with embedded liquid code in a conversational tone while maintaining the code, variables, and code snippets intact.
Video of Generative AI, narrations
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Video of Generative AI, narrations with liquid
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Example of how you can use competitive Benchmarking to drive the use of a feature ( Smart Dripless Campaigns in this example)


Customers similar to you and in your segment take advantage of 6 features.

You are only using 5.

Would you like to be connected to Alex, your Customer Success Manager, to learn how you can take advantage of Smart Dripless Campaigns?

Contextual grammar and spell check

Customers similar to you and in your segment take advantage of six features.

You are only using five.

Would you like to be connected to Alex, your Customer Success Manager, to learn how you can take advantage of Smart Dripless Campaigns?


Hey there! Did you know that other customers like you, who are in the same segment, are using six features to their advantage? But, it looks like you're only taking advantage of five.

Don't worry though, we've got your back.

We can connect you with Alex, your Customer Success Manager, who can show you how to make the most out of Smart Dripless Campaigns. Interested? Let us know!


We wanted to let you know that there are six awesome features available for customers like you in your segment. It looks like you're currently using five of them, which is fantastic! However, we don't want you to miss out on the sixth feature - Smart Dripless Campaigns.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this feature, we'd love to connect you with Alex, your Customer Success Manager. Would you be interested in learning more?


As a valued customer in your segment, you have access to six features that can enhance your experience. Currently, you are utilizing only five of these features.

To ensure that you are getting the most out of our platform, we would like to offer you the opportunity to connect with Alex, your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Alex can provide you with valuable insights on how to leverage Smart Dripless Campaigns and maximize your results. Would you be interested in learning more?


So, word on the street is that you're not using all the cool features that your fellow customers are taking advantage of. What's up with that? Are you trying to be a rebel? Well, listen up, because I've got some juicy gossip for you.

If you connect with Alex, your Customer Success Manager, he can show you how to use Smart Dripless Campaigns and be the envy of all your segment-mates. Don't miss out on the fun, my friend. Let's get you connected!

New Generative AI features Available to YOUR Customers.

Also available as Beta directly to your customers is the ability to explain complex visualizations. The system can look at visualizations and supporting content to generate explanations and surface anomalies — at a click of a button.

Available August 15, 2023

Updated September 5, 2023

Summarizing 1:many content and personalized learning

Admit it, we overwhelm our users with blog posts and articles. Our users do not have time for find all the articles. With recommendations, you can show the right article at the right time. Not only that, you can easily create summaries of blog posts, webinar transcripts, webcasts, and more. How is that for personalized learning for your users, admins or power users, and executives?

Natural Language to SQL Queries

  • Converting natural language to SQL queries,
  • Combining data from different sources (e.g., Salesforce, Gainsight, ZenDesk, and 60 more) and generating SQL queries using Natural Language,
  • Write SQL to access datasets, rename columns, perform smart pivots, automated transformations.
  • Write SQL to clean up bad and missing data in datasets.
  • Learn more at

What's next

And this is just the beginning! Our team is already hard at work developing even more exciting features for our customers, including:

Email Templates and Emails

  • Write and rewrite transactional email templates — Ability to rewrite emails in a humorous, friendly, professional, and conversational tone.
  • Write and rewrite transactional emails conversationally while maintaining variables and liquid personalization code.

Text Messages

  • Write short texts in the narrative tone of your choice: humorous, friendly, professional, and conversational (previously casual).

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