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Customize and personalize every aspect of your communication to resonate with each user's role and interests, ensuring it is relevant and engaging. Influence and inspire them to take the recommended actions.

A C-level executive might appreciate insights on ROI, strategic roadmaps, and performance metrics, while an operator could also benefit from specific details on support and service-level agreements. Meanwhile, individual contributors might enjoy personalized summaries of blog posts and tailored learning materials.

AI Agent Presented slides and presentations

Personalized Return On Investment (ROI)
Slide Courtesy: Hiver
If your product truly moves the needle for your customers—Show them the ROI, but personalize it.

While this "strategic return on value" plays a role, the promise of tangible returns is the primary allure for buyers—from stock markets to real estate investors, venture capital limited partners to startup investors, and products to service buyers. ROI is the number 1 factor in renewals, even beyond happiness, satisfaction, and strategic value.
Personalized Product Release
Courtesy: HPE Simplivity Business Unit
What does a new product release of even feature release mean for customer XYZ? Let them. At scale.
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Poll followed by Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
Courtesy: vCom Customer Success
Attitudinal Data is important. With 4% industry average investment in so-called 'surveys' does not make sense. What if you could personalize for every user at every account? And get 44.7% results? Let's redefine the benchmark together.
Partner Accountability NRR Slide
Partner Success: Partner Satisfaction (PSAT)? Of course we do that with 10x results. How about Partner Accountability? Here is a waterfall chart to measure partner accoutability showing churn categories and expansion categories that make up NRR.
Personalized Learning and Recaps: 6 sigma processes
Courtesy: Pure Storage, Pure Excellence Business Unit
Do not push eight 45 minutes YouTube Videos, from an LMS, and call it a day. You are just shifting the ous to the customer. Generate short personalized training for every individual. Generate Recaps, right before they are ready to use the feature or product.
Personalized Roadmaps
A personalized roadmap is specifically crafted to align with each customer’s unique needs and history, from the products they’ve purchased to how they use them. This customized approach not only boosts satisfaction and engagement but also optimizes resource use and provides deeper, more meaningful insights into customer behavior.
Onboarding: Implementation Kickoff
Courtesy: vCom Implementations Team
Generative Forms, showing NPS, CES, PMF, Delta4, and more
Generative Forms support NPS and advanced questions like CES, PMF, and Product Efficiency Delta 4 to name a small subset. Generative forms are purchase, usage, adoption, and goal aware, and can be used to get any missing information from customers. BTW, notice the "prefills" for name and email. Your customers should never have to fill in information you already know.
The Fifth Element Regeneration scene
The famous Fifth Element regeneration scene, showcasing how you can reuse your 1:many investments.
Reuse 1:many content: Embedded Videos
Courtesy: vCom
Embed videos messages from executives. Use 1:many content along with AI 1:1 content.

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