Account Management automation with Cast Personalized Video.

Cast uses the power of engaging audio and video to explain a user's data and convince them why they should take an action, such as, renew a subscription, start using an underutilized feature of a product, or start a trial for a new product.

All without requiring any customer rep resources.

See demo

Comcast Customer Review Cast

The demo Cast reviews Danielle Cohn’s Xfinity Mobile on Verizon Wireless usage and explains why she should and how she can upgrade her mobile plan to avoid overages that she has been incurring for 3 months.

It also offers her a 6-month promotion for Peacock Premium.  

Danielle can upgrade her mobile plan and accept the Peacock Premium promotion directly within the Cast, or initiate a chat conversation with Comcast support.
Explain 1:1
Explain user account data with personalized videos.
Simplify to drive actions
Deliver easy-to-understand and consumable reports.
Best time to drive action?
Right after a convincing explanation and
right within the Cast.

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