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Customer Testimonials

This revolutionary step in one-on-one digital customer engagement and advanced AI-driven automation not only accelerates revenue growth but also enhances customer retention and expedites value realization.

My team and I are excited about Cast.app 3.0's 'Ask Me Anything.' With its AI-driven Digital CSMs, our customers get immediate, account-specific answers to their questions in an accessible ChatGPT style.
Carlos Quezada
Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy, Automation, & Enablement
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Pure Storage added over $1.6M last fiscal year to the bottom line using cast.app Digital AI CSMs from just one use case.

We now have 10 use cases across business units, ranging from business reviews, to advanced onboarding, personalized learning, renewals, expansion, and more.
Rigo Rodriguez
Senior Global Director, Customer Success
Laura McCarthy
VP Global Customer Success & Services
The introduction of AMA by Cast.app humanizes the digital experience by replicating the interactivity that is native to in-person engagements.

We’re excited to add this element to our customer offering and believe it will be heavily utilized.
Kirsten Paduch DiChiappari
Vice President
Customer Success
vCom Solutions
Cast.app Digital CSMs have revolutionized Aruba's digital strategy, enabling us to efficiently serve thousands of customers with minimal human resources behind the scene.
Matt Harmon
Matt Harmon, Director of CX Services Operations, Automation, Enablement, & Strategy (COE)
Aruba Networks
Leveraging Cast.app's AI-driven customer success managers, Igloo achieved an impressive 86.8% reach, robust 68.4% engagement, a record 18% actions, and positive feedback. The success affirms Cast.app's essential role. An Igloo customer—motivated by the Igloo Digital Review powered by cast.app—adopted Cast.app to boost revenue from their B2B clientele.
Jonna Pedersen-Killeen
Senior Director,
Igloo Software
Cast.app allows us to share meaningful insights and recommendations to our customers, helping them understand the impact of our product through a highly engaging, customized, and seamless interface.
Jasper Sone
Chief Product Officer
Cast Personalized Learning Use cases are step up from LMS systems and have been perfect for providing personalized, just in time materials to our first time six-sigma lean leaders. 

Pure Excellence saves 150 hours per customer annually.
Christine Hawkins
Director Global Pure Excellence & Personalized Learning
Pure Storage
Cast.app enables us to automatically deliver customer insights to all stakeholders with relevant recommendations based on how their data is trending. It is the most powerful tool for helping our customers be successful at scale.

With Cast.app AI Agents, RouteThis stands out for its exceptional engagement rates, achieving 96.4%—three times the industry average.
Andrew Glendon
Sr. Manager, Customer Success
With Cast.app, we build and deliver engaging, valuable, personalized, repeatable, highly scaleable, and actionable customer communications of highest relevance, resulting in over 6% License increase, 30% Aruba Central adoption increase, and 95% retention rate.

Engaged customers, generally buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction, and get 3x strategic value!
Teresa Chu
Manager, Customer Marketing
Aruba (MIR)
HPE asked C-level customers, "How valuable is the information shared in the GreenLake Business Review powered by Cast.app to support your business needs". Cast.app received a 9/10 'Exceptionally Valuable' score.

Methodology: Sum of ratings by individual customer divided by number of responses, measured on a Likert scale: 0 - Not valuable at all and 10 - Extremely Valuable.
Alissa Brooks
GreenLake Business Unit
HP Enterprise

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