Use personalized content and videos to explain complex concepts individually to each user and drive high-value actions.

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“Across the board, B2C companies like Fitbit, Spotify, and Robinhood share insights directly with their platform users to generate engagement, increase gamification, and ultimately build loyalty.

For B2B companies, CSMs highlight compelling insights and share them with customers. Cast with its digital-first experience generates narratives around customer insights and gamifies product adoption.”

Brian LaFaille, Global Head, Customer Success & Strategy, Google.
“The most important & most time-consuming job in Customer Success is demonstrating realized value. And consistently one of the biggest challenges is doing it cost-effectively, at scale.

Cast breaks new ground by automating business reviews, enabling companies to deliver a luxury to small accounts that is currently enjoyed only by large ones.”

Ed Powers, VP Customer Success, Intellisecure.
“Cast has helped reduce days-on-market by 14 days for over $1 billion worth of managed properties — helping our 4,000+ customers make $6.6 million in revenue and has helped significantly improve our NPS”

Rico Mok,  CTO and Co-founder at Onerent.

Read Onerent's success story featuring Cast!

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