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Businesses design Casts in Cast Designer and publish them to their customer end-users over SMS, slack, chatbots, email, and web. The end-users view Casts in an ultralight Cast Player.

Casts support several visualizations listed below.


Click Play ▶︎ Or text cast to +1-415-212-7798

Casts support several visualizations listed below.

Casts play in the Cast Player. Casts are generated directly from data and support several spoken languages for the user interface, subtitles, speech, and transcripts.

The visualizations, animations, speech, data highlights, and realtime characters are synchronized in realtime.

🚫 Casts do not require apps or video players to be installed or long videos to be downloaded.
♥️ Casts are delivered over SMS/Text, email, slack, chatbots, and web.

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Cast Visualizations

A cast project supports several visualizations:

Area chart, line chart, horizontal bar chart, grouped horizontal bar chart, stacked horizontal bar chart, horizontal compare bar, funnel chart, horizontal gauges chart, heat map, punch cards, metrics chart, path chart, process chart, pipeline chart, pie bar (categorizations), checklists, options, next -steps, waterfall chart, and editorials, etc.
Visualizations are associated with and driven by datasets. And along with personalized narrations and variables make up scenes. Scenes collectively make up a project.
Area & Line
Horizontal Bar
Grouped Horizontal Bar
Stacked Horizontal Bar
Horizontal Compare Bar
Horizontal Gauges
Calendar Heatmap
Punch card
Image Metrics
Multiple Metrics
Pie Bar or Categorizations
Forecast & Seasonality

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