Cast for two-sided marketplaces.

Cast convinces buyers and sellers in a marketplace to adjust offers, by utilizing cutting edge techniques in consumer psychology to create behavioral nudges - shrinking market gaps and rapidly increasing transaction volume on the platform.

When Cast is installed in a marketplace, our customers have seen 18x - 21x ROI. See case study.

See demo

Two-sided marketplace - OneRent Rental property management

In this customer example, OneCast compares neighborhood property prices for property owner Laura. The Cast convinces her to either lower the price of property of offer a promotion for faster renting, as the property has received interest, no offers, and recent comparable suggest the property is overpriced for the zip code.

OneRent cut down decision making from 15 days to a few minutes, which enabled them to scale reach by  16.6x. Seller trusted machine explanations over commissioned sales staff.
“Cast has helped reduce days-on-market by 14 days for over $1 billion worth of managed properties — helping our 4,000+ customers make $6.6 million in revenue and has helped significantly improve our NPS” - Rico Mok,  Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at Onerent.
“The top question, after the trial was if they will continue to get revenue forecast and guidance casts regularly. A 3-minute Cast tailored to each account executive, manager and senior management? Easy decision.” — Jake Spear, Director Revenue, RingDNA.
“Since enabling Cast, LSTA’s research reports saw a 4x increase in usage. Our 17K users are now highly engaged and watching Casts 3.1x on an average.” — Kenny Riaz, VP, Strategy & Financial Market Analytics, LSTA.
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Explain 1:1
Explain customer data and more using each user's account data.
Simplify to drive actions
Deliver easy-to-understand actionable reports.
Best time to drive action?
Right after a convincing explanation and
right within the Cast.

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