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Use data-driven hyper-personalized videos to explain complex financial and revenue data individually to each user and drive high-value actions.

Give your customer teams more leverage and increase conversions by 10x.

Investments — BlackRock 529 College Savings Plan

The BlackRock 529 College Savings Cast explains Mary, her son Luke's college savings plan's performance against his savings goal. It makes recommendations to rebalance or move assets, or invite family members to make additional contributions.

Retirement Investment — 401(k)

The Cast explains Jonathan's 401(k) retirement plan to him, including his current account balance and performance. It suggests rebalancing and enrolling in the Betterment Cash Reserve account as a next step.

Wealth Management

The Cast helps Jeff understand his investments, plan for the future, and make sound decisions. It explains the relative performance of asset classes, compares them against strategic goals, and recommends the elite Octave Rewards exclusive credit card.

Personal finances — USAA

The Cast explains and reviews Becky's balances, spending, and budget. It also recommends the USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card based on her finances.
Explain 1:1
Explain using each user's account data.
Simplify to drive actions
Deliver easy-to-understand and consume reports.
Best time to drive action?
Right after a convincing explanation and
‍right within the Cast.

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