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Design, collaborate, schedule, and publish Cast projects

Casts are designed and published in Cast Designer. They are delivered ad-hoc or scheduled to people and played back in Cast player.
What is Cast Designer?

Use Cast Designer to humanize tech-touch.

Customer success and customer success operations team members, i.e., Cast Project Editors, manage Cast Projects and contained scenes. Scenes connect data to visualizations and narratives and are a unit component in generating and publishing Casts.
Each Cast is a personalized for the audience, i.e., people reached. Contact and personalization data, i.e., user profile data including role, who they work for, etc., may be used to personalize every scene, narrative, and visualization for every person reached.
Casts can be delivered via SMS, text message, email, Slack, chatbots, or even hosted on the web. They do not require apps to be installed or players and large video content to be downloaded.


A Cast Editor usually starts with a Google Sheet to provide data to Cast Designer, prove the value from humanized tech-touch, and then later connect to several CRM, CSM, or other datasets supported to humanize tech-touch at scale.


What is a Cast Project?

A Cast Project describes the raw project used to generate personalized Cast videos for each customer or user a business wants to reach. Examples of a Cast project include: "Onboarding for customers on Startup pricing tier" or "Retention for cohort 2021Q1". A Cast Project is managed by a Cast Editor.

A Cast project consists of a) project scenes, b) project variables, and c) project settings.

Each project scene (or scene) consists of a visualization with an associated dataset that drives that visualization. Visualizations are also associated with narrations. Narrations are associated with the visualization or a specific highlight within the visualization. The Scenes and customer data together help generate personalized content and Cast video.

A project variable is driven by a dataset as well and has filters, sort criteria, functions, function criteria, formatting, and finally a name. Project variables may be derived from one or more project variables. They are used in narrations, visualization titles, and drive narration segments.

For example, Yelp restaurant success managers can share the performance, product utilization, and ROI narrative with thousands of Yelp restaurant customers and recommend personalized upgrades on a customer-by-customer basis.

How does a Cast Editor humanize tech-touch at scale?

A Cast Editor is a business team member, e.g., Customer Success or a Customer Success Operations team member, who uses the Cast Designer to design projects for customer onboarding, customer retention, product or feature engagement and adoption, renewals, up-sell and cross-sell expansion, and more.

An editor usually has a book of business and maybe a customer success manager or account manager.

An editor may have named accounts where they take care of a customer's needs across the functions.  E.g., Karen is responsible for Microsoft, Yelp, and 3 more strategic accounts.

They may be a specialist as part of a pooled organization.  Specialists could be responsible for one or more functions like onboarding, ROI and value reporting, retention, renewals, expansion, resurrection, collections, etc. E.g., Tyra and her team are responsible for onboarding for all SMB customers.

The third category of editors may rely heavily on automation to reach a large number of customers. E.g., John's team is responsible for all customer interactions for lower revenue accounts that do not have an assigned customer success manager

Additional Editors
The based price includes a specific number of Editors.  Additional Editors may be added at an extra cost per month.

What is "People Reached"?

Since the content and video is personalized for each individual within an account, People Reached represents a unique cast per person per account.  

For example, the Looker Customer Success team may send a unique cast to several people in their Vimeo account.

Casts can be delivered via SMS, email, chatbot, slack, web.  Regardless of the medium, a unique Cast is counted as one. Casts are played back in a Cast player.

Additional People Reached
The based price includes a specific number of People Reached per month.  Additional blocks of People Reached may be added at an extra cost per month.

What visualizations are supported in cast projects?

A cast project supports several visualizations: Area chart, line chart, horizontal bar chart, grouped horizontal bar chart, stacked horizontal bar chart, horizontal compare bar, funnel chart, horizontal gauges chart, heat map, punch cards, metrics chart, path chart, process chart, pipeline chart, pie bar (categorizations), checklists, options, next -steps, waterfall chart, and editorials, etc.
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