Can Customer Success be a Successful Loss Leader?

Have you ever walked out of Costco with just milk and eggs? And why are they located in the farthest section of the warehouse? Why is Costco giving away a whole 16-inch pizza for just $9.95? Milk, eggs, and Pizza are loss leaders for Costco. They bring in people like us into the store.
A loss-leader strategy involves selling a specific product or service at a loss or zero-profit and expecting customers to purchase other items at a higher price.

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There are pros and cons of applying Loss Leader Strategy to CS and not everyone agrees.

Not even the panel.

Join Emilia D'Anzica of Growth Molecules, Brian LaFaille of Google, Graham Gill of Maestro, Ronni Gaun of Zoom, and Dickey Singh,, on December 8, 2021 at 9am pacific.

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