Automated EBR Slide Decks
are now a thing!

On my continued quest to explore all things tech-touch CS, I recently came across a super cool tool that could transform the way you present data to your customers.

Forget the painstaking and mind-numbing job of filling in things like EBR templates on a customer by customer basis, it’s time to do things automatically …  and at scale.

Imagine if you could plug in pretty much any data source and magically produce personalised video presentations that were professionally voiced, animated and edited, and designed to drive all your customers to take action based on the options you gave them – it’d be pretty sweet, right?

Well, imagine no more, thanks to Cast.

Already used by firms like Notion, Looker, Comcast, and DoorDash, Cast links directly to 50+ data sources, from Google Sheets right through to your DB or CS Platform of choice, to help you leverage usage data at every part of the customer journey into meaningful customer communication.

I’ve got tons of ideas of how to use this tool, from EBR decks, through to onboarding reporting, and feature adoption campaigns – the possibilities are endless.

The best bit is that pricing starts at $FREE, so even if you’re just a little bit curious there’s absolutely nothing stopping you taking Cast for a test drive.

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